After Party Cleaning

After a joyful social gathering, the worst part comes – the necessity to clean all the bottles, dishes or even remove stains and dirt. However, thanks to MS Cleaning Ltd, now you do not need to worry about those unpleasant consequences! Any time you want, we can provide you with a thorough after party cleaning service. We will be glad to eliminate at least one of the headaches you have then!

You can freely adapt our offer to your requirements and pay only for those tasks that you enumerate earlier. What is more, our team is also ready to prepare your interior for a celebration– all you have to do is order a before party cleaning service. We always perfectly combine high standard of work with reasonable prices!

After and before party cleaning - from £14/h, at least 5 hours, all the tools and materials are included in the price.

The range of our services cover:

  • dusting and polishing furniture or other surfaces,
  • doing the dishes,
  • disinfecting the toilet and bathroom appliances,
  • washing floors,
  • vacuuming carpets.