Pressure washer

It happens that our client is not aware how dirty his or her patio, pathway or driveway was and reacts with total amazement to the final result of our work, as the difference is startling. Thanks to our innovative pressure washers, we can make any hard surface outside look neat, shiny and almost like new. It is important to take care of your pavements, patios, paths and driveways, as they usually affect the first impression that a guest has while coming to your house.

Order our professional high pressure cleaning anywhere in London now! Thanks to our skills and modern equipment, we will take thorough care of your property. Namely, we can:

  • clean your driveways, patios, exterior walls, deckings, wooden fences, house facades, conservatories, garden furniture,
  • wash external horizontal surfaces,
  • eliminate moss,
  • remove chewing gums,
  • re-sand and seal for block paving,
  • get rid of graffiti.